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Synthetic Teak Decking Services




What We Do

Bigwood Permateek can cater for all aspects of composite teak flooring and synthetic teak decking for boats, from the design and templating stage to complete fabrication and installation. 

Hand Crafted Deck Templates

Every project starts with a template - a precise measure up of the floor area to be fitted with the synthetic teak decking.


As standard practice, we come and template the boat for you and include this in our price for the job. This way, we will get all the information we require to ensure absolute accuracy.


Optional: If you prefer, you may template your boat yourself and send us the templates for fabrication. Mention upon enquiry if this is your preference.

Choice of Colours and Caulk

Once your deck has been templated, you may choose the look of your new synthetic teak flooring.


We offer a full variety of colour and caulk combinations - including 15 different boat flooring colours with either white, silver or black caulking lines. 


Please feel free to browse the full colour catalogue below.

Fabrication and Installation

Each synthetic teak decking project is fabricated by hand in our workshop - exactly to to the specifications and finish required.


Once fabricated, we will then come and install the deck.

Optional: We do offer a fabrication only service if you would like to install the deck yourself. Again, mention upon enquiry if this is your preference.

Teak Removal

Before upgrading your old decking to new synthetic teak decking, the teak removal process may be required.

Our team can provide the services of removing any old teak decking and preparing the deck area to make way for the new synthetic teak decking.


If you require these additional services, mention upon enquiry for further information and costings.


One day to template

One day to fit decking

Workshop fabrication

  • Synthetic teak decks are a great alternative to real teak.


    As a faux teak composite flooring, it looks like real wood and feels like teak whilst requiring no where near the amount of maintenance time.


    Due to its composition, it is highly resilient to sea water and the weather. It's also durable and looks as good as new season after season.

  • Synthetic teak decks are an environmentally friendly option instead of real teak.


    As a faux teak composite flooring, the materials used are longer lasting than real teak decking. This means that less timber is required to replace it over time and less chemicals are required to maintain it.

  • No, you can find Permateek synthetic decking being used for many unique applications.

    As well as boats, dinghies, RIBs and yachts, Permateek flooring works perfectly as hot tub decking, balcony flooring, in stairwells and hallways, in bathrooms - and even in car interiors!

Find out answers to common topics of interest about Permateek and our synthetic teak decking service. Got another question? Get in touch.

Frequently asked questions

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Synthetic Teak Flooring Colours

Graphite Synthetic Teak Sample
Champagne Synthetic Teak Sample
Ash Synthetic Teak Sample
Aged Synthetic Teak Sample





MTC Weathered Synthetic Teak Sample
MTC Synthetic Teak Sample
Modern Synthetic Teak Sample
Mediterranean Synthetic Teak Sample




MTC Weathered

Traditional Synthetic Teak Sample
Sandstone Synthetic Teak Sample
Platinum Synthetic Teak Sample
New Classic Synthetic Teak Sample

New Classic




Walnut Synthetic Teak Sample
Weathered Synthetic Teak Sample



Caulk Line Colours

Black caulk line

Black Caulk Line Synthetic Teak Sample

White caulk line

Silver caulk line

White Caulk Line Synthetic Teak Sample
Silver Caulk Line Synthetic Teak Sample

With a selection of 15 colours available with either white, silver or black different caulk lines, you have flexibility over the look of your new boat flooring.

Samples are available upon request.

Choice of 15 Colours

About Us

Want to find out about how we work at Bigwood Permateek? Learn why you can trust us to professionally design and install synthetic teak decking for boats.

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